Eerie for Thoughts: The Village that Disappeared

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Well I know most of us have heard of the movie, “30 Days of Night,” or have seen it. It is a movie that involves vampires going to a northern Alaskan town to wipe out the population that decided to stay through the month of darkness. The eerie thing is, is that there is an actual village that did disappear.

It was the Eskimo Village on Lake Angikuni, Canada. I know they are not related but the similar aspects made me think of the movie. In the movie the vampires can feast for thirty days and then leave the town without any trace of the people. They would have simply disappeared. Similar to what happened to this village in real life.

The Event:

Apparently it happened sometime in 1930 as far as most of the reports go. Although the event was allegedly debunked I still think the story is interesting. As far as it goes it happened when a fur trader who was well known to the village ventured there on snow shoes alone and found that the village had been abandoned or possibly that the people disappeared. It was a large fur trading community of about 2,000 Eskimo people.

It was a well-traveled to town for the fur trade business but when this last gentlemen showed up on the Northern Canadian village he found no one there.

Food was still prepared on the fire places or stoves. Fabrics and furs being prepared and made into items were found lying with the needles still in them from mid-sew and weird things like that. It appeared that everyone left in a mighty big hurry or something happened that made them simply disappear.


There were some reports from other villages nearby in the area that there were weird lights throughout the night and strange events . The Royal Mounted Police who did the investigation later on said that there were not weird occurrences that evening or during that time frame.

I find it interesting how all the way into the 1930s something like this could happen and still stir up a frenzy in certain circles. Often weird how it takes so long for something like this to be debunked. Often funny how things like this go unheard of for so long. Then a person looks it up and finds out that there is all kinds of information on it. Information on something many of us have never heard of. The media sure works funny with certain topics.

Whether they disappeared, or the story was all just a hoax to inspire a book, make someone famous, or to create a tall tale, who knows. Once again I leave it up to you to do more research and come to that conclusion on your own.

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