Eerie for Thoughts: Sava Savanovic

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I know I’ve done a lot of vampires so far but there are two more I want to share some thoughts on and one is the Serbian tale of Sava Savanovic, or is it a tale?


From being the possible owner of the mill down by a river it is told that Sava used the mill to lure in the “millers” when they came to mill their grains. Then he would perform his typical vampire duties of drinking their blood and well…killing them. I wonder if the river would run red after his midnight feasts. Maybe another good little story there.

The Popularity of the Case:

Sava Savanovic’s tale came to be around or just later than another Serbian vampire I mentioned not too long ago by the name of Peter Plogojowitz. Perhaps the tales are one in the same vampire legend somehow morphed together because if you happen to remember the other tale they never quite pinpointed the actual village of Peter and Sava’s tale is much in the same. “He was ‘believed’ to live on a certain river.”

Sava’s Release:

Here’s probably the best part of the story.

When the so-called mill that was believed to be the resting place or place where the vampire’s activities took place finally collapsed in the 1950s local authorities warned the towns people that Sava was free to find somewhere else to live. It seems they did this in humor or to perhaps keep the legend alive. You knows?

Kind of like his tomb that contained him was broken now so he was free to find a more suitable place if he wanted a place at all. For all we know this wandering vampire ghost could simply want to wander and now he is free to do so. What if it always worked this way? What if some old house or structure by you is about to collapse and therefore releasing its bond on some evil entity that is now free to roam. Huh!

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