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Just thinking about my upcoming photo session so I can get some pictures of me on the Internet and began thinking. I was thinking about some of the scary pictures I use as wallpaper on my computer and other types of pictures I’ve seen. Most of mine relate to an eerie feeling or what some might consider horror or just plain sick but lots of them were put on there for inspiration or to move my thought process along. Don’t get me wrong not all of my pictures are like this I do have landscape sceneries, animals, funny things and other stuff and am not totally divulged in this darker world.

The Main Picture that Comes to Mind:

The main picture that comes to my mind when I think of a scary or eerie picture is the one from the 1990 movie The Witches. For all of you who haven’t seen it I consider it a classic and think you should watch it or have a kickback party and watch some of these older childhood films in this genre. The story obviously centers on witches, I will do my best not to spoil to much. There is one scene that predates the timeline in the film when an elderly woman is talking about her sister disappearing because of the witches that were around. Then the painting that her father is working on suddenly has an image of the girl painted in there one morning. The next morning she moves to a different spot in the painting and so one after that. She even ages with the family even though her father does nothing further to the painting from the day she first appeared. Then suddenly one day she’s gone.

That was my first eerie picture. Even though I didn’t actually see it in person when I see similar pictures or paintings now I think of that one. I even point it out to my brother from time to time when it happens to pop into my head and we are out somewhere. There are a lot of eerie or strange or just plain out creepy pictures out there and would love to hear of them.

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Joshua Crane Dowidat

Desert Shadows


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