Eerie for Thoughts: A Hawk’s Cry….Coincidence?

Hello Everyone,

Well, I try to stay put on a certain criteria for my blogs from one month to the other but something came up that I wanted to elaborate on. A hawk’s cry.


I was walking outside and doing some work when I stumbled across a rock in the desert. For those of you who do not know much about where I live, I live on a large acreage of land in southeastern Arizona. It is desert but lush and full of life at the same time.

But back to the story the rock is no ordinary rock. It is a rock that is not normally found around these parts because it was something that we brought in years ago for decoration. The interesting thing about the rock was its placement. It is placed outside of our general yard area and sits alone among the many brownish and reddish rocks that are normal in this area.

Several years back my brother and I were walking around outside by my mother’s house, where the rock happens to be, and noticed it. We discussed its significance and moved on thinking it was something that we brought down to the area in our younger years because it was an area we played in. Strange thing is we never moved it in those times since then. We have done yard-work for my mom, raked, dug, built things, and all of it around that area. Still we never moved the rock. We even think we might have left it there as a marker that we buried something there. Still to this day it remains unmoved.

The Hawks Cry:

I know some consider it a screech or a call but I always referred to it as a ‘cry’ for some reason. Anybody who has walked alone in the desert will know the sound of a hawk’s cry and immediately look up to see where the bird is flying. At least most the time. It is a sound that reminds me of seclusion and loneliness but also tranquility in the midst of the open desert landscape.

I think that when many people hear it, it is a noise that pulls them out or their trance and brings them back into focus on their surroundings. We look up a check the sky and then the land around us. Perhaps wondering if the hawk’s cry was a signal of alarm because of us or for us. Some think it’s an omen type of cry. Today that’s what it felt like.

The Rock and the Hawk’s Cry:

So like I mentioned the backstory of the rock plays a significance. As I was working outside by my mother’s I heard her come walking up to me to ask me how things were going with the wall I was working on. After a brief conversation I walked into the desert a little to tell her where I was going to be building the wall to.

That’s when I stumbled on the rock again. I mentioned to her the rock and the backstory as I did with all of you. Right as I went to move the rock and was making a comment about possibly digging up the dirt under it I heard a hawk’s cry. I looked up and saw two of them circling around in the air close by in the rising morning sun.

So once again the rock goes unmoved form my own eerie suspicions that the hawk’s cry was to coincidental at the time. Maybe for another day. Then I will let you all know what I find and that’s why I find a hawk’s cry to also be possibly eerie. At least when it’s not a peaceful or tranquil sound to me. This time is was that omen feeling.

Thanks for Reading,

Joshua Crane Dowidat


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