Eerie for Thoughts: Gurdon Light

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Well, at least I was on top of this week as we once again discuss an eerie light phenomena. This haunting light resides, or is often seen, along the railroad tracks in Gurdon, Arkansas. That is why its called the Gurdon Light.

Once Again….Cars?

Like, many of the other lights we will be discussing in the next several blogs, or have already discussed, many people and investigators blame traffic in the distance. Although there is traffic on the nearby freeway it would not explain the various colors and motions that the Gurdon Light reportedly follows.

On that note the railroad tracks are also still in operation. But I imagine that anyone with a straight head could figure out that a train was coming at the same time the Gurdon Light appeared. A train would most likely consume the faint glow of the light anyways.

Gurdon Light:

As many of the mysterious lights in the world this particular one has appeared on television and even found a spot into Unsolved Mysteries. The light is a local haunt spot for people in the area and the folklore that surrounds the Gurdon Light origins only adds to the eerie appeal of a mysterious light in the dark woods.

Folklore states that a man lost his head, presumably from falling on the railroad tracks as a train came through. The Gurdon Light is now his lost, haunted spirit, desperately searching around for his lost head with a ghostly lantern at night.

Another tale follows a different path. A man by the name of William McClain was killed in the area during a confrontation. This confrontation was between him and a worker of his. Of course this happened a long time ago, 1931, and was railroad related. Perhaps William is searching around for his killer. Or perhaps looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and hoping that the next oncoming train might be that light that allows him to pass on from this world.

Eerie, yes. Haunted, maybe. Either way it is another interesting light that haunts the minds of many.

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