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So we’ve all come to another end of a segment of blogs about scary, spooky and otherwise Eerie Lights. I wanted to do a form of wrap-up to this segment, not only to explain why I choose the haunted lights but also to touch on a few other areas that were not covered in the previous blogs.

First off: What Makes Them Eerie Lights

Well, first off all it is usually a light in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of…..okay kidding, but you get the idea. It is something that is not natural or if it is, it is unexplained. At least not explained to some level.

As we know many of the Eerie Lights have been “debunked” in their haunted origins. Yet many of them can also not explain how the lights existed before cars, which seems to be the most common explanation from the so-called scientists.

To me, the dates of many of them and the first reports is a major factor in the eeriness of the lights.

Then there are the tales and the origins of how people believe the Eerie Lights came to be. Or what they still are. We will get to that, but as you may have read now in the last several blogs, many of the stories have terrible endings or some of them even sad.

Eerie Lights Though the Ages:

As many of the legends or tales go, the lights were reported from early times, settlers, pioneers of the land and Native Americans. It all depends on the area. However, reports of mysterious and Eerie Lights date back to all regions of the world and times. Many use to just call them Will-o’-the-wisps.

This name was given to the Eerie Lights from the origin of what people would first think the lights were. Torches in the distance. That’s right, not even lanterns and of course not car lights. They didn’t have them then.

Eventually throughout the ages as people began to report more and more of these Eerie Lights they began to come to conclusions as to what they were. Spirits, traps by fairies and other mysterious creatures of the night. All kinds of legends emerged and each was particular to their area and folklore. Sometimes they were more specific and the tales of the Eerie Lights had their origins from tragic events that occurred.

Eerie Lights and their Legends:

The legends vary as many of you have read. Many of the stories that occur in North America seem to be explained by tragic railroad accidents and haunted spirits looking for their heads or perhaps other body parts. Sometimes they are a warning, sometimes they are searching. Maybe sometimes they are just looking for their way out of their haunted or ghostly realm.

These can be eerie altogether but the sad stories are the ones that strike home with me. The tales of lost lovers looking for each other. Or perhaps a lost child trying to find his/her way home. Perhaps it is a tale of the parents looking for the child and they were the ones who became lost and perished in a snow storm one harsh, cold, unforgiving winter’s night.

Either way the tales of mysterious and Eerie Lights have passed on a series of legends throughout time and have provided us exposed to them with a mysterious feeling of the unknown. Perhaps one day a “true’ explanation will explain most of them, or some of them. But until then I like thinking about the mysterious aspects of the lights and living with a little bit of fear in me to accidently stumble across one of these Eerie Lights one night.

Or maybe I have and just didn’t realize it.

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Joshua Crane Dowidat

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