Eerie for Thoughts: The Alnwick Castle

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First off I know I’ve been doing a lot of segments lately about vampires. It just so happens I was looking at a castle that I have always admired this week named the Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle was built in more modern times compared to other castles of the dark ages. Actually started construction in 1869 making it a beautiful yet young castle. One day I hope to venture there and fulfill a dream I once had of that place. Anyway I found another castle that possesses a darker feel to it. One could maybe say it’s eerie.

The Alnwick Castle:

This castle was built in 1096 but was not recognized until it was overtaken by Scotland. The castle was almost destroyed at one point but survived leaving it to intrigue our imaginations into the present times filling in the background in notable movies like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Harry Potter and more.

The Eerie Side:

Most of my research relates to a tale of some type of hunchback vampire that lives at the castle. The reports go some time back in history of when this supposedly began but other reports simply define the creatures of the darker nature being ghosts or cursed apparitions that bring disease and death to anyone who encounter them. The vampire story states that the vampire carries the same curse. Regardless it’s something to be thought about when visiting the location whether it’s the vampire or the grey lady or any other creature of the night.

Modern Day:

New parts of the castle were open over the last decade or so and this included the cellar areas. Of course that darkness of a cellar is enough to make some people’s stomachs churn but to each their own. Going down below the Earth’s surface is sometimes enough. Maybe it’s the sense or feeling of our own mortality and being under the ground that inspires this fear. Perhaps it is the ghosts or vampires that walk these grounds of the Alnwick Castle. Who knows? I personally find the Grey Lady the eeriest, look into it.

Any place eerie that you know of it would be great to hear. Especially those that are less noted in the history books or to everyone in the world.

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